Seven Colors

Seven Colors


It was like a fruitless journey through the world and back, on the web and phones – the Mbach had a very hard time finding some one to interpret new material which Hitsmith Records intended to release. But as life will have it, the answer to that request will literally come from the back yard; Dominic Crisci Becker would be the one to take the interpreter’s seat on this new exciting musical journey.

Both have known each other for a very long time as The Mbach accompanied Dominic intensively for over 3 years as a vocal coach till ending 2007. Tracks had been recorded back then even though only for academic purposes.

Moving on to get Hitsmith established as a meaningful Label and production house, Mbachi left the academy where he had been working as a piano teacher, vocal coach and studio engineer. Dominic went on to pursue a career as a tourism manager, though keeping in touch with the music by becoming very active in theatre. Even though quite strange for a singer with his experience, he has a passion for karaoke which he kept on doing and still does.

In the summer of 2012, they met again on Facebook, had a long chat without expressing any serious plans of working together. Two weeks after the encounter, after listening to former recordings with the singer, it became clear to the label that Dominic had everything this project needed to come to life.

The Italo-German singer got invited to the studio, listened to the demo version of “I Got You” and even before the song finished playing, he had been singing it all through, later on screaming “my song, my song, my song”. Thus was the beginning of Seven Colors.

It certainly took its time but the productive working relationship which started many years ago gets catapulted to a totally new level since the birth of this new project. Seven Colors is a band project which was created to be a melting pot for creativity. With the recording and release of debuting single “I Got You”, an Amero-British mid tempo contemporary Pop song, a perfect foundation has been set with great songs to follow.