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‘Electro Positive Plus’ by Vin Deca – Beyond Dance

I was immediately blown away by Vin Deca’s production on “Electro Positive Plus”. Not since Kavinsky have I heard of a unique mix of music that is by far compelling and artsy in so many worlds. This is beyond the genre of dance and electronic music, as it fits into a whole new element of musical creativity. I’m honestly not sure how to really explain the layers that are created here as the positivity shines through and through.

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Current Music Thoughts Interview with Vin Deca

For this week’s interview we have keyboardist, composer, and dance-music producer Mbachi Halle, but you all know him as Vin Deca. Vin Deca’s newest release “I Encourage You” is an exceptionally uplifting club number reinforced with lyrics of positivity and the need to stay the course in reaching goals.

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