Vin Deca – B.A.S.S

Vin Deca – B.A.S.S

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 07.07.17

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Vin Deca



I’m coming from college

And I’ve some great news

But it sounds bad

I’m here to talk about your boy

He won’t be coming back to class

But before you shoot me please relax

He found something

He’ll give everything

He is working

He’ll be like Bona and Wooten


He lives in cottage

And he spends his days

Just seeking Knowledge

And he gets laughed about a lot

But he found his maker

And heard the call

He’s not a quaker

Though he’s small

He is happy

Never lonely

Seeking only

The things that will get us higher


He’s got a B.A.S.S

Don’t you see he’s got the groove

He’s got a B.A.S.S

When he plays everyone moves

He’s got a B.A.S.S

He’s just answering his call

Oh Mama oh Mama

Why don’t you leave the boy alone


He’s never in Bars

But you’ll always hear him counting bars

He hates weed

And never skips a beat

From time to time

He’ll dry a tear

And help his peers curb their fears

He is stable like the maple

Guitar he plays from morning to evening


Give him a chance

I know that all you see is song and dance

But please don’t be fooled

It’s more than you can see

Let him do his thing

Just let him be all he was made to be

Just let him fly and

Don’ t ask why

Just let him release everything that’s in him


© Copyright 2017 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.