Vin Deca – GO!

Vin Deca – GO!

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 08.2017

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Vin Deca

Vin Deca – GO!


I have been there

I won’t be worrying for you hm hm

I know it too

I won’t be sorry for you hm hm

I know when trouble

Is so been long as the Nile

In just a while

Things will be turning for you

I know


I know you’ll make

Coz you will fight

Till you see the light

I know you’ll make

Coz I’ve been praying

I’ve been up all night

I know you’ll make

I’ve got my phone

You won’t be alone

I know you’ll make

I remind you


Go Go Go Go

Go Go Go

Go show them how its done

Get ready and run


And Just move move move move

Move move move

Don’t you turn

Don’t look back

Don’t wait for the sun


It will be little that you’ll loose in the fire

Only your strings will burn

And Free up your wings

You’ll be perfect

Everyone will admire

And even higher than the eagles You’ll fly

I Know


© Copyright 2017 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.