Vin Deca – Hallelujah

Vin Deca – Hallelujah

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 12.05.16

Catalog number: HRM 1516

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Vin Deca

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Vin Deca – Hallelujah

“This song speaks the way I think and says it the way I speak. It is a song I’ve always dreamt of writing and it sounds the way I have always wanted to sound. It is a precise representation of who I have always wanted to be”. These are Vin Deca’s words on his new single “Hallelujah”.

Crafted as a means of inspiring some positivity despite all the hate filled activities around the globe, “Hallelujah” is an extremely jovial pop tune with an unmistakably positive feel. It sits on a harmonic foundation made of a reggae style offbeat piano progression, thick meaty hip-hop inspired shuffled drums and a charismatic but relaxed bass line that portrays power and calm simultaneously – a must with such a charged lyrical theme.

Arranged as a timeless classic with perfect clarity of musical structure, the 03:03 song, which will be available for download and streaming worldwide from 06.05.16, is a potential reoccurring sensible and deep summer hit with many covers to follow.

Vin Deca, the Cameroonian born singer/songwriter, producer and mix engineer who is based in Braunschweig, Germany, is back in front of a microphone (an Australian made tube condenser), for the first time in twelve years as a vocal performer – a passion he pursued enthusiastically for many years but gave up to concentrate on the creative and business side of music. The avid and hard working musician who has created about a dozen albums for other artists is halfway through the first album recorded with his own voice. The album with working title “Hallelujah” is to be released around mid 2016.

Vin Deca – Hallelujah

A dirty way to die
Enemy to peace
Turns everything into pieces Even the TV would tell you
I won’t lie
I’ve tasted some of it
I’ve even shared a bit of it
It feels like I’ll turn to pieces But it’ll never get the best of me

Coz I’m not gonna eat the hate like a cake Won’t put it in the oven won’t let it bake I’m taking a deep breath
Then I’ll sing Hallelujah
You’re not gonna eat the hate like a cake Don’t put it in the oven don’t let it bake Take a deep breath
Let’s sing Hallelujah

Someone to blame
I’ve got a name
The reasons are the same
It’s everything that is different You know it’s true
It’s what you do
Rehearse the hate
I got a bait
Play it on and on and on and on
Till I’m burning
But it should never get the best of me

Hey hey listen
If you are guilt-free
Throw the stone
Hey while you’re waiting Please forgive me
Hey let me tell you
If for every tooth a tooth
If for every eye we pluck an eye Oh oh the world would be blind

© 2016 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.