Vin Deca – I’ll be Here

Vin Deca – I’ll be Here

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 29.09.17

Catalog number: HRM 2-0917

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I'll be Here
Vin Deca

Vin Deca – I’ll be Here


Its been burning

Yeah I know

I see from here

Toss and turning

Feel like dying

Sure I know


From the highest heaven

Till the devil’s den

From every mountain every valley

Till the fountain there in Bali

From the darkest days

When the sun doesn’t come around

Till all the blackest of the nights

I’ll be here

I’ll be your light


I’ll be here when you need me


Leviathan’s having his grip on you

He thinks

But the fire only purifies

I Know

I’ve been there

So give me a minute

Please give me a minute


© Copyright 2017 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.