Vin Deca – Joe’s Christmas

Vin Deca – Joe’s Christmas

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 04.11.16

Catalog number: HRM1116

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Joe's Christmas
Vin Deca



Vin Deca – Joe’s Christmas

This is true this story

About a boy Joe Ayaba is his name

From the highlands of Bamenda

I don’t remember him saying anything about parents


Joe is fairly simple

He doesn’t care about a christmas tree

But he wouldn’t mind a stew and shoes

He can speak but no one e hears him no


Christmas bells are ringing

So loud nobody will hear him

Santa Claus is not even near him

Yet he’s everywhere

In every square


Christmas bells are ringing

So loud it could burry him

But I know that we will carry him

This very year

Let us send him a reindeer


Please excuse me

I don’t wanna blame

I don’t wanna shame

I just want you to think about it

So no hard feelings

Someone told me once I quote


He will never have enough who knows not how to share

So go ahead keep on gathering

It will never be enough


Let us send him a reindeer


©2016 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by The Mbach.