Vin Deca – Ni

Vin Deca – Ni

Label: Hitsmith Records

Release date: 12 MAY 2017

Catalog number: HRM417

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I can see it
I don’t believe ma eyes
Oh Pete
Show me more I am mesmerized
I received it
My feet won’t touch the floor
And they said it
Now I know oh why no one believed it


I see bended knees
And they call Him Ni Ni Ni Ni
From east to the west
They call Him Ni Ni Ni Ni
Everyone here calls him Ni Ni Ni Ni
The first and the last
They call Him Ni Ni Ni Ni


I can feel it
I wanna testify
Oh boy
When you know
You just wanny fly
Now get up here
And let nothing hold you down
Too much joy
Too much glory even on this dance floor


When they tell you that you’re crazy
Tell them NoThis is how it is when you see the light
They will tell you that you’re out a your mind
But you smile coz you knowThey will question they will say things
But tell me would they die for you
Would they give up anything for you

Yet they will tell you that you’re out of your mind


© Copyright 2017 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.