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Chronicles of Weary ft Peter Brenner.

Sam Pell, a music project started by taking time out to create music as a way to combat burnout, has released a single from the album “Time Out”; a powerful, modern and driven contemporary rock-pop guitar song, “Chronicles of Weary”, featuring Peter Brenner, one of Germany’s most accomplished guitarists.

Sascha Cumic who initiated the project was forced to leave work and go for treatment after being diagnosed of severe burnout syndrome. He began using music to express whatever feelings he was going through, an exercise that brought him very much relief as he used it to process his ailment. The best of the material was put together in the album “Time Out”, fulfilling the need to communicate about the need to take time out in our ever fast paced and stress filled lives.

“Chronicles of Weary”, written by composer and producer The Mbach based on a theme by Sascha and played by Peter Brenner, aims at narrating a tale of weariness in the most profound way possible and in a language that needs no translation – melody.

The Song, which should appeal to Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Steve Vai fans is out now, a digital only release and is available everywhere online.


Listen: https://soundcloud.com/hitsmith-records/sam-pell-chronicles-of-weary-ft-peter-brenner

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