Vin Deca – Be My

Vin Deca – Be My

I’ve been trying
I’ve been failing
I’ve been crying
Even wailing
I’m on my knees
Up the creek
Up the creek oh

It is prison
The way it feels
Lord arisen
Come liberate me
It’s time for you
Time for you
Time for you to

Be my
Blanket in the winter
Be my
Fire when its cold
Be my
Doctor when I need one
Be my
Joy when I die
Be my
Sense of direction
Be my
Friend oh yeah
Be my
Be my wings in flight
Oh my faithful Messiah

Be my eyes when its time to see
Please be my heart in love oh oh oh
Be my mouth when its time for truth
Please be my first
Never second
Be my limit when its time to dream
Please be my mind oh
Be my hands when its time to give
Please be my be my be my everything

Be my mind oh oh

Human Brain
Human Sense
With its pain
And this Pretense
It disappoints me
It disappoints me
It disappoints me

I’ve been sinking in the sea of doubt
Resolutions never got me out
Empty talk is just freaking me out
Oh oh I need you

© Copyright 2018 Hitsmith Musikverlag. Written by M.Halle.


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