‘Big Man’ is available everywhere October 6, 2023

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Vin Deca Releases Bold New Album ‘Big Man’

Born and raised in Cameroon, but now living in Germany, Vin Deca has distinguished himself by fusing global pop with the sounds of Africa always bringing a unique flavour only he can provide.

Big Man is Vin Deca’s 7th album as a solo artist and his most compelling yet. Released through Hitsmith Records and published by Hitsmith Musikverlag, the albums is characterised by a broad spectrum of songs created with a single minded goal to uplift.

A devoted visionary heavily invested in the well-being of the soul, Vin Deca has always been a message driven artist. With this album however, he reaches new heights in boldness. Writing about feared but inevitable themes, he confronts, shocks and then comforts. Big Man is exhilarating, daring and deep but still replete positivity and inspiration, typical of Vin Deca. It is his most courageous album till date.

Recorded in his studio, The Staff, the producer, musician and studio engineer with well over three decades of studio experience borrows heavily from R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop, never departing from his inevitable African roots and yet upholding the sound, structure and production style of an international artist.

Before becoming a solo artist in 2017, Vin Deca had been operating a commercial recording studio composing, writing, producing and mixing hundreds of songs for artists, bands and companies, creating music in genres ranging from R&B, Pop, Afro Pop, Soul, Hip-hop, to jingles and sound logos.

Always doing studio work as his core trade, he has also performed extensively as a solo pianist, keyboardist and bass guitarist in many bands, all along tutoring and coaching countless artists, bands and groups.

Vin Deca has released 6 albums, from ‘Electro Positive’ in 2013 – an instrumental dance album, to ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Take My Hand’, both of which were a compilation of singles he released from 2016 to 2019. His 2020 ‘Jollily’, 2021 ‘I Love You’ and 2022 ‘Chineke’ are all studio albums.

As the son of famed producer Zachariah Halle Azoh-Mbi, Vin Deca grew up immersed in music.  Under his father’s guidance, he spent his teenage years working as a composer, keyboardist, and engineer in the family owned Bel-Pen Recording Studios Bamenda, one of Cameroon’s first commercial recording studios. 

Big Man builds on a far-reaching foundation of experience and the diligent service of an artist always seeking to heal, build and inspire.

‘Big Man’ is available everywhere October 6, 2023