‘Ahead Ahead’ is available everywhere April 29, 2022

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‘Ahead Ahead’

Vin Deca Presents Uplifting New Single ‘All Things’

The Cameroonian singer’s latest shows his gift for fusing global pop with the joyous sounds of his home country.

In his long career, Vin Deca has developed roots in Afro pop, R&B, soul, and pop, always bringing a unique flavor that only he can provide.  On his latest single, he embraces buoyant rhythms and innovative productions to create his most compelling work yet.

’Ahead Ahead’ is an encouraging anthem of bravery. Centered around a captivating lead vocal, the track’s Afro-Pop rhythms bring its message to life. ‘Ahead Ahead’ is a gentle but firm reassurance of courage in the face of impossible circumstances, and is sure to be embraced by international pop fans around the world.

‘All Things’ is available everywhere April 29, 2022